HASS V22 Beta

There are some very cool new features added to HASS revision 22. I am considering this a beta release because the features have not been fully tested. All of the changes added can be disabled by default, to remain compatible with older tests/models. The changes are enabled by default and can be disabled by adding some lines to an existing input file. The source / executable may be found here: http://www.ericmustee.com/uploads/hass-v22-beta.zip

Here are the list of changes (with screenshots). The source/executable can be found here, along with a new input file.

  • Fancy Edge Shapes


    • There are 10 different edge shapes currently supported for the 10 different theoretical shapes
    • For simplicities sake, only two are currently implemented (curvy and triangular edge shapes).
    • Done dynamically: To update edge shapes, simply place new shape images in jar.
    • Holes are punched onto existing shapes in cookie-cutter fashion
    • Tabs are added by taking a copy of the next existing piece
    • Works even for wrapped puzzles
    • Disable with “fancyEdgeShapes”: false in input file.
  • Pheromone Trails are made based on the path taken, and are not created randomly


    • A circular array is used for keeping track of the last n movements, where n is a natural number specified in the input file as “pheromoneTrailLength”
    • The old style random trails may be used by using “randomTrails”: true in the input file.
  • Frame rate slider
    • Can be used to slow simulation.
    • For extra cinematic effects, turn the FPS to 24 (if you dare…).
  • Changes on how long already existing trails get increased for
    • By default, trails now get reset to the initial time limit when an agent leaves a trail over an already existing trail.
      • This prevents a checkerboard pattern that was common after trails decayed.
    • The old behavior can be retrieved by using “resetTrailToInitial”: false in the input file.

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